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Title: Counter-democratization and political crisis in Venezuela: the end of the XXI Century Socialism experiment in Latin America? Chapter of the book: Latin American Contemporary Politics. Godofredo Vidal de la Rosa (Coordinator). Studies Series. Sociology Collection. Metropolitan Autonomous University. Mexico. Year 2017.

Title: Democratic governance in Venezuela: trajectories and present. Chapter of the book: Democracy in Latin America: between the utopian ideal and political realities. Alex Caldera and Armando Chaguaceda (Coordinators). Collection Arguments. Editions Fontamara S. A. Year 2016. ISBN 978-607-736-264-7.

Title: Venezuela in 2015: political conflict, social tensions. Authors: Armando Chaguaceda and María Isabel Puerta. Chapter of the book: Latin America Yearbook. Edition 2016-2017, Olivier Companion and Marie Laure Geoffray (ed.), Collection “Emerging Worlds “, 2016, Paris. Year: 2016. ISBN: 978-2-11-010206-5.

Title: Democratization, Institutional Change and Governance in Venezuela. Chapter of the book: Debates Social Sciences. Published by the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences. Universidad de Carabobo. Year: 2012. Legal Deposit: lf04120123003072 ISBN: 978-980-12-6145-2.

Title: Institutions and State in Venezuela. Chronicles of the Venezuelan institutional crisis. Spanish Academic Publisher. Saarbrücken. Year 2011. ISBN 978-3-8454-9447-0.

Title: The debate between the models of representative and participatory democracy. Theoretical conceptual elements. Editorial Fund of APUC. Valencia. Year: 2010. ISBN 978-980-12-4387-8.

Title: A Look at Current Political Science. Chapter of the book: A Transition Agenda: Reflections from the Social Sciences. Published by the Group of Latin American Studies (GEL) and the Laboratory for Research in Labor Studies (LAINET). Universidad de Carabobo. Editorial Fund of APUC. Year: 2008. ISBN 978-980-12-3320-6.

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